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Cafe in Phu Quoc
Cafe in Phu Quoc

One of the lingering influences on French colonialism in Phu Quoc and Vietnam in general is a particular reverence for the world’s favorite dark, velvet beverage- coffee or café. Vietnamese coffee is produce from the Robusta coffee bean and has a distinctly bitter and earthy flavor in contracts to the Arabica bean more popular in the west. The coffee is therefore often sweetened with condensed milk rather than sugar. Perhalps the most original feature of the café experience is the serving technique, by way of a metallic phin filter that sits on top of your glass. Ground coffee is inserted with hot water into the top of the filter and you watch as it drips slowly into the milk below. While this may seem tiresome for the impatient of us, this is fundamental characteristic of the café experience in Phu Quoc, – taking one’s time, after all you are on “island time”.

Every cup of coffee is served with a cold or lukewarm class of green tea known as “tra”, to clean your palette after drinking the thick, syrupy liquid. Favorites include cafe den (iced black coffee), cafe sua da (coffee with condensed milk and ice), or bac sieu (coffee made with crushed ice condensed milk and chocolate).

Cafe sua da ( Cafe with condensed and ice)
Cafe sua da ( Cafe with condensed milk and ice)

There is an ample supply of amazing coffee shops in Phu Quoc so people are spoiled for choice. Every street in the city is home to cafes that suit any mood or social situation, and one can easily spend the day hopping from place to place to sample the various drinks and atmospheres available. The most basic are the myriad of simple street stalls where you can watch the world pass by. For a much calmer experience there are numerous garden terrace style place with trees, water features, and a peacful ambiance that provide some respite from the noise of the city.

Popular Cafes on Phu Quoc

Lá Caffé Deli

Location: Tran Hung Dao near the Dinh Cau night market

Review: A great place to grab a western style or Vietnamese coffee and to people watch during the busy evening hours. This place also has strong wifi.

PC Cafe

Location: 30 Thang 4 street, close to Phu Quoc sports and cultural center

Review: A favourite amongst locals, especially working professionals.

Lighthouse Hotel Cafe

Location: Tran Hung Dao near the Dinh Cau market

Review: A clean modern cafe serving a variety of coffee and non-coffee related beverages. Grab a coffee and head on over to the hotels rooftop for a spectacular view of the ocean and Duong Dong town.

Lighthouse Hotel Cafe
Lighthouse Hotel Cafe

Cafe House Vietnam

Location: Tran Hung Dao near the Dinh Cau night market

Review: A new place that is popular in the morning. The Cafe House is a small coffee shop serving local Vietnamese style coffee at a very reasonable price.