Fried Rice With Sea Crab Meat

Fried Rice With Sea Crab Meat
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Coming to Phu Quoc island, tourists get opportunities to tantalize their palate with delicious food such as sea urchin, nhong fish, tram mushroom, and one another of must-try dish is fried rice with sea crab. This a special dish of the Southern of Vietnam which is called: "com rang ghe".

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Unlike Hue's fried rice with baby clams or Chinese fried rice, Phu Quoc fried rice with sea crab presents essence of the sea and great combination of flavor. In briefly talk, this dish contains fried rice - first-class rice of Southern farmer and sea crab mixed and stirred with some special seasonings.

Fried rice with crab meat Fried rice with crab meat

The main component of fried rice with crab is first-class rice, peeled crab meat e (Phu Quoc crab meat is firm and delicious), thinly sliced ​​onion, garlic, ketchup and oil. About 300g crab meat in a pan fried garlic after gold along with onion, steamed rice for about a year up to the user. Tomato sauce dish makes beautiful colors, seasoned to taste delicious. Crab fried rice during processing Phu Quoc nursery yellow gold silk beautiful sheen. When finished fried rice served with finely chopped cucumber, fresh vegetables, sliced ​​tomato sauce served with pre-mixing. This dish is delicious, rich in protein, characteristic taste very impressive and also very difficult to forget. Guests can enjoy crab fried rice dishes at restaurants in Phu Quoc Island

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