One Sun Dried Squids

One Sun Dried Squids
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In Phu Quoc island, people caught up instantly fresh ink canal cleaned out and stretch the mẹt exposure onto bright sunlight. When the surface has been dried (not sticky touch), then flip to the other side pitches exposure until all sides get fried. Exposure time is only about two to three hours is reached. In satisfactory, people put on barrel squid sauce and soak it in about 30 minutes then take out the crushed peppers and salt rub and grill immediately.

One-sun dried squids One-sun dried squids >> Mekong Delta 2 day tour >> Ham Ninh sea crabs

After squids get baked, cut it into small stripes. In case you don't bake squids at the time, you can wrap it in a plastic bag and left it to refrigerator. By preserving squids in cool condition, you can keep it in a long-time to use later. In particularly Saigonese and Hanoian are eaten only kind of frozen squids.

Enjoy eating one sun dried squids

One-sun dried squids One-sun dried squids

Squid is found being a delicious and nutritious seafood that everyone likes to eat. Many dishes from squid such as, fresh squid, dried squid, dried half dry, half-baked squid, etc. Fried squids are delicious, fragrant and ideal to eat in the winter day. Fresh squid processing many dishes with seductive flavors that you are hardly to resist. Fresh squid boiled, steamed fresh squid, fried fresh squid, fresh squeezed ink mixed with other foods.

Especially fresh ink a sun, baking is the most favorite dish, a lot of people like the most. Grilled squid taste of sunshine this one is impressive, very difficult to describe, hard to use the exact words, just enjoy the new reality felt 'first-class' of it.